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In this episode, Samantha and Bruce discuss how to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.  Truvani Instagram

Is it worth being a freak at times? In this session, I answer the question of what should I do? Instagram Email Over 40 & Killing it group page    

Are you stuck in a rut?

In this session, I discuss how I pulled myself out of a rut. I talk about the tips I used. Truvani Website

In the session, I discuss how much I hate long-distance relationships. I was in one and it failed miserably. I talk about it in the podcast. Instagram Truvani Email sign up Over 40...

I will be discussing what men think and feel. I will also discuss what women should and shouldn't do if they want a serious relationship Instagram Truvani YouTube Facebook Over 40 ...

In this episode for Tip Tuesday was, why can't a good man find a good woman? Instagram Email sign up Turvani Stylish Singles Facebook

Work From Anywhere

Are you ready to say "F" my job and start your own online business? Well, this is the podcast for you my friend. This is one of my older podcast but it'll still help you with takin...

Why didn't he tell me?

It's Tip Tuesday. This is where I ask my audience to submit questions for me to answer on the podcast. Today's question is all about why didn't he tell me.  Instagram Stylish Singl...

Why Men Disappear

Stop wondering why men disappear after the first, second, or third date. I asked five of my guy friends to give me the 411 on this topic. Instagram Gents Style File Lounge Email

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