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In this session, I discuss how to flirt and meet men when you're with your male friends. Check out the website.

In this session of Tip Tuesday, I talk about how you can exchange numbers without giving your actual mobile number.   Check out the website

In this session, I discuss how to create a dating profile that will get you clicks so you can take over and accept the dates.

In this session of Single & Satisfied, Sunday's I discuss creating a dating journal beginning with preparing that journey out of Singlesville

In this podcast, I discuss five stock photo options along with 3 bonuses. If you sign-up for the email you will receive a detailed list on free and paid sites for stock photos.  

 In this session, I discuss my views on long-distance relationships. 

Starting today, I have added Tip Tuesday to Single & Satisfied Sunday's. If you want to ask a question, go to the Facebook Page (click the message button or the Ask Kimberly t...

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